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Ashley pictures

An outstanding video by Ashley who spent days trying to choose the right music for this sort of nude dancing on a seat where her natural boobs are center stage. I really love how she looses herself immersing in the song bouncing her tits left and right at the beat. Sexy dancing with the chair, Ashley totally naturally endowed is a girl for a strip club. She will surely make the delight of boob lovers hot for her breasts. A big thank you for this video, Ashley! Ashley now appears in the Voluptuous issue for April 2009 fresh from the presses… The Voluptuous debut of gorgeous 20 year-old Ashley Sage Ellison has been a whole event. Ashley’s huge, huge tits and her shapely body will stop you in your tracks. Co-starring the April edition of V magazine: a second surprise new discovery, Mianna Thomas and her incredible rack.

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  1. Alejandro

    Hi.. i just wanna say….. i love this girll.since my first time i saw her… i love you ashley… you are my princes

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